We’re Adding Deposit Matching and Upgrading Referrals

New incentives to start playing and sharing Haste Arcade with frens start Monday, 4/17

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2 min readApr 13, 2023

The online gambling industry is massive, and companies in the space have mastered the incentives to get new users to join their platform and have fun. We’re taking a couple of pages out of this proven playbook with deposit matching and referral credits.

Deposit Matching

For all users, we will match the user’s first deposit up to $100. This means that if Mike signs up for the arcade and purchases $100 worth of Haste Credits, he will receive an additional $100 of Haste Credits on us!

Example: Mike creates an account with Haste Arcade and purchases $100 worth of Haste Credits. Mike is then awarded $100 in additional Haste Credits, bringing his total amount to $200 in Haste Credits.

Updated Referral Structure

As another incentive to spread the word about Haste Arcade, we will also reward a referrer with up to $25 in Haste Credits for every first deposit one of their referrals makes.

Example: Kelly refers Taylor to Haste Arcade. Taylor makes their first deposit and purchases $25 worth of Haste Credits. Taylor receives a deposit match of $25 in Haste Credits to their account, and Kelly also receives $25 worth of Haste Credits to their account.

Why These Changes Matter

Our vision is to expand the arcade outside the “crypto” world and appeal to the three billion gamers worldwide. These incentives have worked extremely well in the online gambling industry and should make it more appealing for new (and existing) users to play in the arcade, and share the arcade with their friends. We want to create a community of gamers that enjoy competing against each other in fun ways that enhance their gaming experience.

The benefits to the current community are that a significant amount of new users should generate new money flowing through the arcade and onto leaderboards. With the arcade reaching a wider audience, leaderboard positions should be changing more frequently, which should make the games and the arcade in general more exciting on a daily basis.

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