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10 min readOct 5, 2021

We were sitting in our 3 persons, 100 sq. ft office late on a Saturday night in early January, frustrated with the thought that we were crazy. Why aren’t people getting it? Why all the speculation? Why all the drama? Why don’t they understand Bitcoin is something you can use?

And then the questions that gave birth to a new type of gaming…

What‘s the easiest way to demonstrate a micropayment to a mainstream audience? How can we split a quarter up into tiny pieces and instantly send it to hundreds of people?

The answers came pretty quickly…

Let’s build a list of our friends.

The list could be a leaderboard.

Maybe we could pay our friends a different amount depending on their place on the leaderboard…

What triggers the payment?

It felt like ten minutes later, we were spending $0.01 in BSV to tap a button that would pop up randomly on a blank phone screen as fast as we could. Whoever tapped the fastest, had the top spot on the leaderboard and got the most Bitcoin from whoever played next. There was something to this. Seeing the micropayments hit our HandCash wallets on every play was exhilarating. This was something other people needed to feel. The game was easy, fast, fun, and competitive. What felt like ten minutes later, we had a name and a website, Haste. And just like that…Instant Leaderboard Payout™ or ILP™Gaming was born.

The New Haste Arcade

After the first game was released, we didn’t have a plan to continue making games or build an arcade. But the support of the BSV community and the positive feedback we started receiving quickly changed our minds. We know our limits, and you may have heard us say that we are not game developers, so we decided early on that building a platform with a way for more experienced game developers to implement ILP™ into their games, was the direction that made the most sense.

Build a SDK that lets professional game developers quickly add ILP™ to their games without all the headaches of needing to know anything about Bitcoin.

After spending all spring and summer working to bring our vision to light, we are excited to introduce the new Haste Arcade, the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout™ (ILP™) gaming platform.

To get an idea of how ILP™ Gaming works, imagine the following scenario:

You put a quarter in a Pac-Man machine and get the high score. For having the high score, you get a percentage of every subsequent quarter spent on that Pac-Man machine until your score is no longer on the leaderboard.

The Games

The Haste Arcade is launching with 3 new games — Haste 2, Forest & Fire, and SpaceDodge. All of the games utilize our patent-pending ILP™ technique, with Haste 2 and Forest & Fire being Haste Originals™, and SpaceDodge being the first game created by a 3rd party developer that utilized the Haste SDK to submit their game into the arcade (more to come on this later in the blog). The initial games are simple beta games, but with the announcement of the SDK, we anticipate much more exciting and engaging games to be added in the near future. You can play the games now, by clicking here.

From left to right: Haste 2, Forest And Fire, SpaceDodge

Haste Token (HST)

Like traditional arcades, the Haste Arcade rewards players regardless of whether or not they make a leaderboard. In a traditional arcade, players will be issued tickets for playing games. They can then redeem those tickets from a prize board. In the Haste Arcade, players are issued Haste Tokens, that can be redeemed for Bitcoin and other blockchain-related products. Here’s how it works:

  • The Haste Token (HST) runs natively on the BSV blockchain and is awarded daily to players based on the amount of Duros (a small unit of Bitcoin) they spend in the Haste Arcade that day. HST is also awarded to game developers based on the amount of Duros spent playing their games every month. In total, Haste will reward 80,000,000 HST to gamers and 30,000,000 HST to developers.
  • As part of the model, 10% of all Duros spent across the entire Haste Arcade are deposited directly to a publicly viewable wallet, known as the Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW). Anyone holding HST can redeem their tokens for their pro-rata share of the Duros in the HLW at any time. Once the tokens are redeemed, they are burned.

Example: Rachael holds 100,000 HST tokens, 5% of the 2,000,000 tokens that have been distributed thus far. The HLW is currently 5,000,000 Duros. Rachael redeems all of her HST tokens for 5% of the HLW, earning her 250,000 Duros.

In addition to redeeming tokens through the Haste Loyalty Wallet, token holders can also trade their HST tokens on the RelayX DEX, and other exchanges in the future. Traders can publicly view the number of tokens distributed, how many have been burned, and the amount of the HLW, which will allow for price speculation. You can read more about the HST dynamics in this blog post.

You mentioned Duro… Tell me more.

Duro is an idea brought to life by the team over at HandCash and is something you should get used to. In short, it’s simply a unit of BSV (500 satoshis to be exact) and we are adopting it as the official coin that is used for gameplays in the Haste Arcade. We believe the concept of the Duro is better suited for our target audience (3 billion casual gamers), over the confusing narrative that currently impedes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general from being widely adopted in consumer applications. In many respects, the Duro allows Bitcoin to become the “plumbing”. No need to see it or understand it. It’s simply the in-app coin you need to play the game.

Player Cards

The Haste Player Card is the world’s first Bitcoin output NFT

Similar to loyalty cards and player cards offered by traditional arcades, the Haste Player Card (HPC), enables players to further monetize their gameplays by selling a percentage of their gamplay outputs in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The HPC can be minted directly from within the Haste Arcade and resides within the Haste Marketplace. Here are the benefits of holding a HPC:

  • Each HPC is a unique NFT that can be held or sold by the card minter in the Haste Marketplace and can be seen on-chain
  • Each time the card is traded, the original card minter receives 10% of the exchange price
  • By minting an HPC, the player automatically gains access to the Haste Marketplace, where they can purchase other players’ Player Cards
  • Players that hold their own HPC receive 10% of their gameplay spend back on every play
  • Players that hold HPCs of other players receive 10% of all the gameplay spends from those players
  • Players can set the price of their HPC and list it for sale to other players in the Haste Marketplace
  • When a card is traded, the seller receives a 70% commission (80% if sold by the original card minter)
  • The original HPC minter receives a 10% royalty when it trades.

*Haste Player Cards are an alpha feature that will soon be released in the new beta version as well. Existing HPC holders will continue receiving their outputs and perks until the new Player Card features are released in beta.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

We believe that gaming is going to be a major driving force to blockchain adoption, and our goal is to bring ILP™ to the mainstream gaming world. Alongside the launch of the new arcade also comes the Haste SDK, a set of tools that enable game developers to integrate ILP™ into their games and submit those games into the Haste Arcade. Utilizing the SDK to ILP™ enable a game is a great way to generate additional revenue, whether you are a novice game developer or working at a Triple-A rated studio building the likes of Call of Duty or League of Legends.

The Team

Two of the founders, Joe and Dan, met playing professional baseball, where they were roommates for the Double-A Birmingham Barons, in the Chicago White Sox farm system, and had similar thoughts on life after baseball. Two of the founders, Eric and Keith, are identical twins that have been programming together basically their entire lives, worked at the same company, live on the same street, and are married to twins (just kidding). After building and showing some success with the proof-of-concept game, Haste, Joe and Dan went to Eric and Keith with the idea of taking the simple “tap game” to a whole new level.

Loving the idea and seeing the vision, Eric and Keith abruptly quit their jobs, and joined the team as Technical Co-Founders, hitting the ground running with one goal in mind, deliver the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout gaming platform.

Co-Founders from left to right: Joe De Pinto, Dan Wagner, Eric LaForce, Keith LaForce

Credit Where Credit is Due

Without our alpha gamers/testers, none of what we have built would matter. The BSV community has been incredible to us and we sincerely have appreciated all of the feedback we’ve gotten. We hope that our early adopters enjoy the new arcade, and we still need as much feedback as possible before we start targeting the mainstream gaming world.

We know there is a lot of work ahead, but in addition to all of the alpha gamers, there are several people/teams we want to thank for helping us get this far:

  • Jack Liu — immediately saw our vision and has been, not only an incredible resource and advisor but has also become a good friend.
  • Jonathan Cogley and the LogicBoost Labs team — for believing in us and our vision and being the lead investor in what ultimately ended up as an oversubscribed seed round of fundraising.
  • The Bitcoin Association and CoinGeek, Jimmy Nguyen, Anna Colley, Patrick Prinz, Becky Liggero, Kurt Wuckert Jr. (and Alex Moon), and Patrick Thompson.
  • Built By Gamers — Taylor Searle and Tyler Farnsworth, and the rest of the team at BBG.
  • Everyone from the HandCash team.
  • The Unbounded Enterprise and Unbounded Capital teams.
  • Brenton Gunning from RUN.
  • Mike Drabic — Haste’s first FTE. Mr. “Jack of all trades”
  • Christain Billings — Unique as the spelling of his first name, is the talent behind Haste’s new and beautiful design and soon to be the 2nd FTE! (😉 wink-wink if you see this Christain!)
  • All of our family, advisors, and investors 🙏.

What‘s Next for the Haste Arcade

The goal from day 1 has been to show the world the power of Bitcoin through microtransactions. Launching the arcade is a major milestone towards achieving that goal, now it’s time to change mainstream gaming.

As a way to drive traffic to the arcade, we will be marketing to mainstream gamers by partnering with esports organizations such as Built By Gamers (BBG), social media advertising, developer competitions, and hosted ILP™ gaming tournaments. We’ve also got a few announcements for the launch week:

Arcade Launch Contests

To celebrate the launching of the new arcade, we will be holding a 5-day gamer contest, where anyone that plays a game is submitted to win NFTs that can be redeemed for:

  1. 1,000 HST for beginner level gameplays
  2. Haste shirts for intermediate level gameplays
  3. The Razer Deathadder V2 Gaming Mouse for advanced level gameplays
  4. Haste Player Cards for professional-level gameplays

For each of the prizes, there will be 10 NFTs. We will be selecting two random transactions from each division and awarding 2 NFTs daily.

After the final day of the competition, we will award 1 grand prize winner from the legendary division, who will receive a 1 of 1 NFT to the Haste High Roller Club (more details to come on this exclusive club).

Mini Dev Competition

As a way to help harden the new SDK, we will be hosting a mini developer competition with NFTs, cash prizes, Haste swag, and other prizes for developers that submit games to the arcade. The competition will take place between November and January, with more details to be released on October 18, 2021, here.

Be Sure To Join Us On Discord!

Whether you are a gamer or developer, join the conversation and help us build the future of gaming!

Our Manifesto

Life is a game, and we love to play. Now, anyone in the world can play too. For Pennies. Yet their earning… can be unlimited. And there it is, a whole new, democratized economy. Blowing right past the banks and bee-lining straight to the blockchain. It’s also a pretty cool new way for humans who aren’t business gurus, celebrities, or pro athletes to get a pat on the back for being good at something, and get paid for it too. And that’s why we know this is going to be big. It’s going to be a blast. And it’s going to be happening… with Haste. Game on.

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