Understanding Haste Arcade’s HST Tokenomics

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2 min readJul 20, 2022

At Haste Arcade we are all about gamification and incentives and the HST utility token certainly plays a role. The easiest way to think about HST is the “tickets” that you get back for playing the arcade games (whether you’re on the leaderboard or not). The only difference from a traditional physical arcade is that over time HST will be used for much more than simply redeeming a prize from a prize board and there is a limited amount of them! Although, we think that’s fun in its own right!

Core Tenants

  • 200,000,000 max supply
  • Issued and secured via the BSV blockchain
  • No public sale
  • New supply distributed through gameplay or game development only
  • Fixed daily distribution of 43,835 HST to gamers for 5 years (variable post 5 years)
  • Fixed monthly distribution of 500,000 HST to game developers for 5 years (variable post 5 years)
  • 10% of all BSV play volume is sent to the public Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW)
  • HLW funds are used to buy back and burn HST (enable continuous gamer/dev distributions)


  • Each day 43,835 HST tokens are distributed to gamers that played during the past 24 hours on a pro-rata basis, based on spend in the arcade. This continues for the first 5 years.
  • Each month 500,000 HST are distributed to game developers that have published games in the arcade on a pro-rata basis, based on total user spending during the month. This continues for the first 5 years.
  • Each time a gamer plays a game in the arcade 10% of the BSV spend is sent to the Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW). The HLW is a BSV wallet and its funds are used to buy back HST on the open market. 50% of the HST purchased is burned (destroyed) immediately. The other 50% of HST is stored and will be used for future distributions to gamers and game developers post the 5-year loyalty program. The burns will continue until 100,000,000 coins have been burned (leaving 100,000,000 in circulation). We anticipate the buybacks to continue in perpetuity in order to facilitate the daily rewards for gamers and the monthly rewards for game devs.

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