Take your first Voyage, with Darko

A first person point and click interactive storyline, aka a “Voyage”

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3 min readAug 21, 2022

(No spoilers!) Tomorrow at 12pm PST, we will be releasing the first two episodes of Darko, a new interactive gaming series that puts the viewer/player in control of the story through a series of choices. The episodes will be available to Haste Player Card holders tomorrow morning (Monday the 22nd), with a full release of both episodes available to the public on Friday the 26th.

So what is Darko?

We’re not going to tell you anything about the story, but the gameplay itself is part of a new concept we are calling Voyage, that we’ll be testing + rolling out over the next few weeks. What we can tell you is that Darko is not related to ILP™ (although there may be some places within the game where you have the option to play an ILP™ game), and will give mainstream gamers and non-gamers a new way to enter the Haste ecosystem.


The gameplay itself is text and audio based. Players observe a story through a first person perspective that takes place in the present and the past. Every few scenes, players have the ability to “point and click” at a decision, which will effect the direction of the story. This means there is a chance that no two players will experience the same story.

Episode Length

Darko is supposed to feel like a show you could binge on Netflix, combined with a video game you have to progress through to beat. We have built each episode to take between 30–45 minutes to complete, depending on which choices the player makes within the episode.


We believe Voyages like Darko will appeal to a very broad audience that extends and reaches far past the gaming and crypto crowds. We see it as a way to grow the Haste brand and strengthen the Haste Arcade community.

The first season of Darko will be free to play and won’t require any wallet to start playing. However, our desire has always been to educate people on the power of micropayments and we fully intend on incorporating them in a way that is truly creative and novel. Users will onboard and make/receive payments without even noticing it.


A couple things to keep in mind while you play the first two episodes:

  • We strongly recommend playing the game with headphones on.
  • Darko the game is entertaining, but the gameplay style is what we are really excited about. We intend to use this style for other games as part of a larger vision that we will start teasing in the coming weeks.
  • If you don’t know what is going on through the first episode, that is exactly what we want! Keep playing, things get interesting in episode two.
  • Get early access to Darko by owning a Haste Player Card!

Release Schedule

The first three episodes of Darko will be released over the next two weeks. The following episodes will not be released until the launch of something we will be teasing in the coming months. Here’s the schedule for the first three episodes:

Monday, August 22 — Episodes 1 and 2 released to Player Card holders

Friday, August 26 — Episodes 1 and 2 fully released publicly

Friday, September 2— Episode 3 released to Player Card holders

Monday, September 5— Episode 3 fully released

End of September — Teaser on episode 4 release date

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