Strategies for gamers in the Haste Arcade

Its not exactly rocket science…

As more gamers flock to the Haste Arcade, ILPs™ are increasing, but spots on the leaderboard are becoming more difficult to hold. Here are some strategy suggestions from the Haste team to help you maximize the amount of Bitcoin you can earn in the Haste Arcade.

Practice Can Make You Better

One of the key fundamentals of all the games in the Haste Arcade is that they are games of skill, not chance. Therefore, practicing/playing more can increase your skill level, thus giving you a better chance of making a leaderboard.

We recommend honing your skills on the Dust level to get comfortable with each game before playing in more expensive divisions. Some players may be more naturally gifted than others, but practicing on the Dust level gives anyone the opportunity to increase their skill. It might take you a couple of days or even weeks to start consistently posting times that are worthy of a leaderboard position, but the proof is in the work!

Know the Rules

One of the easiest ways to give yourself an advantage is to understand the rules and leaderboard structures of the ILP Arcade™. Different divisions have different payout structures as well as leaderboard time.

If your score isn’t knocked off the leaderboard, the chart above shows how long you can expect payouts depending on the division

In addition to the amount of potential time you can spend on a leaderboard, the amount you can earn per leaderboard spot also varies depending on the division. Depending on the division, see what percentage of each gameplay pays out to the leaderboard:

Choose your division wisely, different divisions have different payout amounts

Hint: At the top of each game’s play area, you can see the current leader, and the score to beat that will get you “In the Money”.

Warm-Up Before Playing Larger Divisions

Now that you know a little bit more about the potential time you can spend on each division’s leaderboard, and the payouts associated with each division, you’re ready to start gaming. But just like professional athletes getting ready for a game, you should play some warm-up games before advancing to the more expensive divisions.

Thanks to the beauty of microtransactions on the BSV blockchain, you can play dozens of warm-up games in the Dust division for less than $0.10 total. We equate this to stretching before playing a real game.

Will Ferrell can teach you the proper warm-up routine

Hint: While you’re warming up, take note of your average scores to give yourself an idea of how your scores will fare against other players on the current leaderboards.

Check the Leaderboards

Once you’re feeling confident about your scores, check the leaderboards to see if your average scores can compete with the current leaders. Not everyone can be Michael Jordan and dominate the top spots, but if your average score isn’t even close to spot 100 in a certain division, it might be better to look at other divisions or an entirely different game altogether.

Speaking of other divisions, it’s important to keep in mind that each game is played with satoshis, not dollars. Therefore, just because a game costs more satoshis to play, doesn’t mean it should discourage players from playing. We’ve structured the time a player can spend on a division’s leaderboard to give players the best chance of earning back their cost to play and more!

Hint: Since the amount of time players can spend on a specific leaderboard is limited depending on the division, leaderboard scores are constantly resetting. Check multiple times throughout the day to give yourself the best chance at playing when its easiest to get on the leaderboard.

Gameplay to Leaderboard Spot Ratio

We know that competitive gaming can be addicting. It’s important to keep an eye on your ratio of gameplays to leaderboard spots earned. Take the following example:

You play 10 games in the Micro division, which costs you 1,000,000 satoshis total. From those gameplays, you earn 3 leaderboard spots — spots 24, 61, and 77. Those 3 leaderboard spots need to generate more than 1,000,000 in earnings for you to break even.

As long as you have an idea of your spend to earning ratio, you should be able to determine whether or not you are actually making money in the Haste Arcade. The easiest way to do this is to take note of the total BSV in your Handcash wallet at the beginning of your gameplays, then checking back once you’ve held a leaderboard position for at least 24 hours.

Other Hints

It’s not a coincidence that professional athletes have the best equipment available. The Haste Arcade is no different. Smartphones have different touch latencies — the amount of time it takes for the phone to register when a user has tapped the screen. While Samsung and Apple are among the most common smartphone brands, there are other brands, such as Xiamo’s Black Shark, that are designed specifically for gaming, and offer lower touch latency. If you’re serious about earning Bitcoin or HST in the Haste Arcade, investing in a smartphone with the best touch latency might be worth the money.

Reminder: Even if you don’t make a leaderboard, you’re still earning tokens with every play!



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