Live Battles and Free Rolls — New Ways to Play and Earn

Players will now be able to compete in live head-to-head tournaments every 15 minutes

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4 min readApr 21, 2023
Battle Mode is the new way to play and earn in Haste Arcade

More Ways to Compete and Have Fun

Starting on April 24, Haste Arcade will introduce a new way to compete in the Arcade:

Live Battles

Live Battles allow you to play in a way that equalizes the competition among players of varying skill levels by pitting players against each other in a best score out of three games event.

Line Ratings

Each player will be assigned a Line Rating. The Line Rating system will allow all of our players the ability to compete against anyone else in the Arcade (we are looking at you Reiney!) even if they feel like they can not get on an HLP (Haste Leaderboard Payout) leaderboard and basically level the playing field. In addition, Live Battles give our more experienced players a new reason to play more once they have reached the pinnacle of the leaderboards…

Line Ratings will be adjusted over time based on performance

It is a win-win. Game On.

How does it work?

Step 1 — Calculate your Line Rating

Before enrolling in a live battle, you’ll need to complete 5 training rounds in order to create your Line Rating. Think of this like a handicap in golf… You wouldn’t play Tiger Woods (aka Reiney) straight up in golf and have a fair chance, but if you were getting 18 strokes because of handicaps, it becomes a fair match.

Click the “Battle Training” to start calculating your line score

Step 2 — Enroll in a Live Battle

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be eligible to enroll in any of the upcoming live battles including the daily Free Roll (more on that to come). Pick a game and get ready to compete!


When the game starts, you’ll get three chances to post your best score. That score is then adjusted based on your Line Rating, and your final score is calculated to determine what position you take on the leaderboard.

Example: Reiney’s Line Rating is +2, meaning they will get 2 points added to their best score. Reiney’s best score out of three games is 105. After his Line Rating adjustment, his final score is 107. El Nino’s Line Rating is +25, meaning they will get 25 points added to their best score. El Nino’s best score out of three games is 90. After their Line Rating adjustment, their final score is 115, placing them higher on the leaderboard than Reiney.

Your best score plus your Line Rating will be counted as your final score


Twice a day, Haste will sponsor Free Roll battles where anyone can compete for HST and not spend a single credit. It is a no-brainer to compete every day in the free rolls (see description below).

Why These Changes Matter

Similar to how golf handicaps work, in battle mode, you do not compete “heads up,” meaning that it’s not simply the highest score that wins. Each player will receive a Line Rating based on previous performance. This has the effect of balancing the playing field, and each player must continue to improve in order to win. The formula is that your final score is your best attempt’s score minus your line rating is equal to your final score.

Haste loves the competition of HLP (Haste Leaderboard Payouts), but we have always wanted to give our players different ways of playing. Starting on April 24th, that becomes a reality, and we hope to continue to add more ways to play and earn over time.

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