Let’s get this party started

We’re excited to announce the release of Party Mode, the newest way to play and earn with your friends in Haste Arcade! Party Mode allows you to create invite only leaderboards for games in the arcade, and is the first of several new game modes we will be releasing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a game in the arcade
  2. Click the “Start a Party” button next to the “Play Game” button on the game’s info page
  3. Choose the settings for your party
  4. Invite your friends
Once you create the party, you can set the payout structure and invite friends


The settings allow you to choose the payout structure, gameplay cost, and duration of the leaderboard.

  • Payout Structure — you choose between three different payout structures: Winner Take All, Top 3, or Top 10
  • Gameplay Cost — you set the gameplay cost to whatever you want (greater than $0.01)
  • Duration of Leaderboard — you set the leaderboard to last as long as you want

Invite Friends

Once you’ve chosen your party’s settings, you will be prompted to invite your friends by either using their Haste Arcade $handle, or by sharing the automatically generated link to your party via Twitter, email, text, etc.

Any party you join will show up as an additional leaderboard on the game’s information page

Why are we excited about Party Mode?

One of the issues we noticed from the start, was that as more players joined the arcade, it got more difficult for the casual gamer to make a leaderboard and experience the thrill of ILPs™. The truth is that the best players will always fill up the global leaderboards because they put more time into playing/practicing, or they may just be naturally better at gaming in general. This is a classic “Power Law” problem, and Party Mode is the first of several game modes we will be releasing that help address the issue and keep the arcade fun for gamers of all skill levels. Here is a previous article that covers some of the other things we’ve done to address this issue.

Party Mode is live now! Head the arcade and start your own party!



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