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Bridging the gap between crypto and the mainstream. An update from Haste Arcade and our plans for 2023.

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5 min readJan 24, 2023

It’s been two years since the original Haste proof-of-concept (alpha tap game) and a little over a year since we launched the existing Haste Arcade beta platform. It’s time for some updates on what we’ve been working on and what’s in store for 2023.

Below we’ve outlined the start of a high-level phased approach that will enable us to reach a much broader audience. We plan to release a more detailed post for each phase when appropriate.

Our Strategy

Since launching the beta platform in October of 2021, we’ve been analyzing data, testing marketing strategies, conducting surveys, documenting feedback, and doing our best to objectively make decisions that enable Haste Arcade to go mainstream. Below is the multi-phased plan we will be rolling out over the next 3–6 months in order to reach a mainstream audience:

Phase 1 — Onboarding, Earning, and a New Gameplay Mode

Implementation: Q4(2022) — Q1(2023)

The first step in achieving our vision is making it as simple as possible for users to get funds into the arcade. If we are unable to onboard a non-crypto user then it’s going to take much longer to reach a mainstream audience. We believe this to be true for anyone attempting to build scalable technology in the crypto/blockchain space. Phase 1 will enable easier onboarding and achieve a more cohesive experience, and will include:

🟡 Haste Credits — The new in-game currency for the Arcade. The virtual coin that powers gameplay. Do not fret Bitcoin enthusiasts, each gameplay and associated payouts & rewards are still powered by the blockchain.

💳 Additional Payment Methods — Debit/Credit cards, Crypto including USDC, BSV, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DAI, DOGE, APE, SHIB, USDT, MATIC, and more. Fast follow integrations for ACH bank transfers via Plaid, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. We’ve also laid the foundation to support any type of Web3 wallet like Twetch, RelayX, Phantom, Metamask, etc. All these payment methods will be able to purchase Haste Credits and then perform actions in the Arcade with those credits.

🎁 Rewards in USDC and HST — with more currencies to come.

💰 Deposit Matching & Bonuses — Up to $100 deposit matching on your first deposit and subsequent deposit bonuses based on the amount purchased.

🤝 Updated Referral Plan — Earn Up to $25 when a user you refer makes their first deposit.

🕹 Live Battles & tAPI — A new mode of play powered by tAPI, the new Haste Arcade tournaments API.

💸 Surprise Premium Feature — Available for $4.99/month (no charge for Player Card holders).

Phase 2 — Haste Token, Player Card, and Leaderboard Enhancements

Implementation: Q1 into Q2

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding HST, Player Cards, and the current ILP leaderboard incentives. We understand that there are currently some broken incentives and even disincentives to play (such as being able to knock your own score off the board). Through new utility, features, and added depth to the rewards system–these features aim to properly realign incentives. The main features of this phase are:

  • 🎟 HST Payout Changes — Rewards that are more in line with a traditional arcade (skill-based elements + engagement)
  • 💵 Anyone Can Earn — Free and paid players will be able to earn rewards.
  • 😎 Player Cards — New utility and a re-envisioned experience.
  • 📈 Progression MVP — Introduce the concept of global arcade progression.
  • 🏆 Enhanced Leaderboards — Enhanced visuals and details for leaderboards.

Phase 3 — Building Trust

Implementation: Q1 into Q2

As we begin targeting the mainstream gaming industry, we want to improve how we are positioning the arcade in order to attract both gamers and game developers alike. We want to instill trust and credibility immediately and have a user’s first interaction with the arcade be something that they remember and want to tell their friends and family about. The main features of this phase are:

  • 🕹️ Arcade Content — Better copy and details throughout the Haste Arcade on how things work to ensure gamers are confident in participating.
  • 🛠 Enhanced Developers Page — Better copy on what Haste Arcade is and why developers should care.
  • 📖 Case Studies — The proof is always in the data. Gamers and devs need to be informed about Haste Arcade’s benefits.
  • 💪 Updated “My Account” Page — Some minor changes that support newly introduced features.

Mainstream Marketing 🚀

Implementation: Q2 — Onwards

Once we are through Phase 3, it’s go time! We will be hiring new staff and working with marketing experts to start expanding our reach in the USA and European markets.

  • Organic Community Content Creation
  • Paid Advertising
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Sponsored Events

Phase 4 — Visual Components and Progressive Web App

Implementation: Q2

We want to create the absolute best experience possible for mobile and desktop users alike. To accomplish this we will convert the Arcade to a Progressive Web App (PWA) ultimately creating a more immersive experience for users through full-screen gaming and native-like experiences.

  • 🎨 UX/UI polish — A global rethink and refactor of the current mobile experience. Arcade and games will feel more native.
  • 💌 Notifications — Adding a notification system to the Arcade to engage users and keep them informed of relevant details to their gaming experience.

Phase 5 — User Dashboard and Progression

Implementation: Q3

We will be introducing a gamer dashboard/hub that has daily tasks and creates a clear path for player progression within the arcade. This will be a major development in the overall arcade experience, as it will introduce and highlight all the new ways gamers can have fun, earn, progress, and interact with the arcade community. The main features of this phase are still being ideated.

Phase 6 — Community Experiences

Implementation: Q3-Q4

Like Phase 5, we are still ideating on these concepts but we are certain that community and social experiences will play a huge role in the success of the platform. Stay tuned!

Phase 7 — Developer Experience

Implementation: Q3-Q4

Developers need to onboard easily and have a clear integration path for their games. As we get closer to the implementation date, we will start to solidify the specifics of how we plan to remove the friction the developers are currently experiencing.

What’s Next?

There is so much more on the roadmap but these are the highlights we wanted to share as we move into 2023. In addition to the above items, we will plan to release Haste Originals on a more frequent basis.

Thank you all for your belief and support as we enter the next chapter of Haste Arcade! #GameOn

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