Introducing the new Haste Credit

The new credit system kicks off Monday 4/17 and will make it easier for gamers to start playing and earning in the arcade

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2 min readApr 13, 2023

Let’s face it, the crypto world can be crazy and confusing. Our goal from day one has been to attract as many people to Haste Arcade as possible, and as a way to mitigate some of the concerns a “non-crypto” gamer may have about participating in a play and earn arcade, we are simplifying the way that gamers spend in the arcade.

Haste Credits Keep Things Simple

The key to our upcoming feature releases is that gameplays will be made by spending Haste Credits, as opposed to BSV. It’s simple, $1 is always worth 100 Haste Credits. We believe that this removes a huge barrier to entry from a mainstream gamer perspective, as new users won’t need to understand several things prior to playing at paid levels in the arcade:

  1. What is BSV?
  2. Where/how to purchase BSV?
  3. Why the price of BSV fluctuates and how this affects their Haste account balance

In essence, we are eliminating the learning curve that a new user who is not familiar with crypto would have to go through before being able to spend money in the arcade.

New Ways to Purchase Haste Credits

Users now have the ability to purchase Haste Credits through HandCash, RelayX, Twetch, and Coinbase, as we have added support for multiple crypto wallets. In addition, we are working towards users being able to purchase Haste Credits via debit/credit cards and/or bank account deposits. While finding a payment platform that can facilitate these payments has been more challenging than we originally anticipated, this is a crucial step to gaining mainstream adoption. The end goal is to make it as easy as possible for every user to start playing and earning on paid levels.

Why These Changes Matter

Our vision is to expand the arcade outside of the “crypto” world, and appeal to the three billion gamers worldwide. These changes will make it easier for mainstream gamers to understand how the Haste Arcade ecosystem works and should increase adoption from our non-crypto marketing campaigns.

The benefits to the current community are that a significant amount of new users should generate additional money flowing through the arcade and onto leaderboards. One of the main issues we see in the arcade today, is a lack of engagement once a player has made a leaderboard, because there are not enough daily gameplays to have leaderboards consistently resetting. With a wider audience able to play in the arcade, leaderboard positions will be changing more frequently, which should make the games and the arcade in general more exciting on a daily basis.

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