Introducing the Haste Player Card

Players can mint their own cards which will serve as the world’s first Bitcoin Output NFTs

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3 min readApr 7, 2021

What is the Haste Player Card?

Similar to loyalty cards and player cards offered by traditional arcades and athletes, Haste has launched the Haste Player Card (HPC), enabling players to further monetize their gameplays by selling a percentage of their outputs in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The HPC can be minted directly from within the Haste Arcade and will reside within the Haste Marketplace.

How to Mint a Player Card

Players within the Haste Arcade will be able to mint their own 1 of 1 HPC for the BSV equivalent of $99 during beta. Once a player has minted their card, they will have access to the Haste Marketplace, where they can trade their card and purchase other players’ cards.

Cards also come along with player statistics and analytics that make trading in the marketplace more data driven. Think of it like trading baseball cards!

Card Holder Benefits

1 of 1 Bitcoin Output NFT

  • Each HPC is a unique NFT that can be held or sold by the card minter in the Haste Marketplace and can be seen on-chain
  • Each time the card is traded, the original card minter receives 2.5% of the exchange price

Gameplay Rewards

  • By minting an HPC, the player automatically gains access to the Haste Marketplace, where they can purchase other players’ Player Cards
  • Players that hold their own HPC receive 10% of their gameplay spend back on every play
  • Players that hold HPCs of other players receive 10% of all the gameplay spends from those players

Example: Mike holds his own HPC ($bigmike), and also holds HPCs for $dog and $grom. Mike plays a Micro division $0.10 game of Haste, and automatically receives 10% of that gameplay’s cost ($0.01), in addition to any other leaderboard earnings. Every time $dog or $grom play a game in the Haste Arcade, Mike earns 10% of their gameplays for holding the $dog and $grom HPCs.

Trading Cards in the Haste Marketplace

  • Players can set the price of their HPC and list it for sale to other players in the Haste Marketplace

Example: Tom spends roughly $100 per month playing in the Haste Arcade. Therefore, holding the $tombrady HPC would earn the holder roughly $10 per month.

  • When a card is traded, the seller receives a 92.5% commission (95% if sold by the original card minter)

Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW)

Prior to the Player Cards, the HLW received 10% of all Haste Arcade gameplay outputs. With the addition of HPCs, another output stream is created for the HLW. Specifically, every time an HPC is minted or traded the HLW receives a portion of the spend.



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