Introducing the Haste Player Card

What is the Haste Player Card?

How to Mint a Player Card

Card Holder Benefits

1 of 1 Bitcoin Output NFT

  • Each HPC is a unique NFT that can be held or sold by the card minter in the Haste Marketplace and can be seen on-chain
  • Each time the card is traded, the original card minter receives 2.5% of the exchange price

Gameplay Rewards

  • By minting an HPC, the player automatically gains access to the Haste Marketplace, where they can purchase other players’ Player Cards
  • Players that hold their own HPC receive 10% of their gameplay spend back on every play
  • Players that hold HPCs of other players receive 10% of all the gameplay spends from those players

Example: Mike holds his own HPC ($bigmike), and also holds HPCs for $dog and $grom. Mike plays a Micro division $0.10 game of Haste, and automatically receives 10% of that gameplay’s cost ($0.01), in addition to any other leaderboard earnings. Every time $dog or $grom play a game in the Haste Arcade, Mike earns 10% of their gameplays for holding the $dog and $grom HPCs.

Trading Cards in the Haste Marketplace

  • Players can set the price of their HPC and list it for sale to other players in the Haste Marketplace

Example: Tom spends roughly $100 per month playing in the Haste Arcade. Therefore, holding the $tombrady HPC would earn the holder roughly $10 per month.

  • When a card is traded, the seller receives a 92.5% commission (95% if sold by the original card minter)

Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW)



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