Introducing the Haste Player Card

Players can mint their own cards which will serve as the world’s first Bitcoin Output NFTs; 10% of all card mints and trades go to the HLW

Haste Player Card

What is the Haste Player Card?

How to Mint a Player Card

Card Holder Benefits

1 of 1 Bitcoin Output NFT

Gameplay Rewards

Example: Mike holds his own HPC ($bigmike), and also holds HPCs for $dog and $grom. Mike plays a Micro division (100,000 satoshis) game of Haste, and automatically receives 10% of that gameplay’s cost (10,000 SATS), in addition to any other leaderboard earnings. Every time $dog or $grom play a game in the Haste Arcade, Mike earns 10% of their gameplays for holding the $dog and $grom HPCs.

Trading Cards in the Haste Marketplace

Example: Tom spends roughly 5 BSV per month playing in the Haste Arcade. Therefore, holding the $tombrady HPC would earn the holder roughly 0.5 BSV per month. Tom decides to mint his HPC and lists it for sale for 5 BSV.

Haste Loyalty Wallet (HLW)

Example: Tom mints the $tombrady HPC for the BSV equivalent of $99. The HLW receives the BSV equivalent of $9.90 from the minting. Bill then purchases the $tombrady HPC for 5 BSV. The HLW receives 0.5 BSV from Bill’s purchase.

* Update*

This feature was implemented in the alpha version of Haste, and is being reimplemented in the new Haste Arcade beta platform. Existing Player Card holders will continue to receive the 10% they’re entitled. However, minting new cards and trading in the marketplace will be unavailable until further notice.

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