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5 min readSep 15, 2022

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest game, Monster Bombs, in Haste Arcade! Given the background of several of our founders, it only seemed fitting that our first sports game was a baseball game. But we didn’t want it to be your average baseball game, so we’ve added a few twists that we think make the game the most unique and exciting home run derby on the internet. The game will be available to play starting September 20th, 2022.

Meet Tank

The character you play as, Tank, is a monster from a distant planet, that is now trapped on the world of Avachrome. How did Tank get there?

An evil presence holds Tank captive on Avachrome: a distant planet that imprisons all adventurers unlucky enough to stumble upon it. But there is a way to escape…
By scoring the highest in Monster Bombs–a tournament that puts an evil twist on the traditional home run derby: Will you be able to handle all the curveballs that your demonic captor throws?


The gameplay is pretty straightforward. See the ball, hit the ball. But there are some caveats. As opposed to a traditional home run derby, where every pitch is straight down the middle at the same speed, there are multiple pitches in Monster Bombs — fastball, changeup, curveball from the right, curveball from the left, and a super slider that breaks from right, to left, and back to the right. Hitting is all about timing, and each pitch needs to be timed differently in order to make the best contact.

In addition to the pitches being different, the ball itself can also change mid-pitch into either a green power-up ball or a bomb. Hitting the green power-up ball will charge Tank for his next swing. If you make contact while Tank is charged, you will automatically hit a “monster bomb” (a super-charged home run) that explodes out of the stadium! But be careful… If you make contact with a bomb, your health will decrease by 1/3.

Here’s how the rest of the rules and scoring works:

  • Swing and miss at three pitches and the game is over
  • Survive 10 pitches and level up
  • Single = 1 point
  • Double = 3 points
  • Triple = 5 points
  • Home run = 10 points
  • Monster Bomb = 15 points
  • Resist swinging at a bomb = 3 points

Pro tip: hit three consecutive home runs and Tank will catch fire, meaning the next three hits will automatically be Monster Bombs, until you lose your fire by swinging and missing, or by hitting one of the bombs


To date, this is the most complex game that we have developed in-house. The game is built with Unity and is our first 3D game. Keith LaForce was the lead developer, but we also worked with a 3rd party artist to help with the swing animation and the custom hats, jerseys, and shoes that can be equipped on Tank.

Physical and Digital Game Collectibles

Aside from dropping some bombs, the thing we are most excited about is the Monster Bombs game collectibles. With the release of the game, we are also releasing three collections of physical items that come with a digital copy NFT that can be equipped to Tank within the game. The collections will drop Friday, September 16 at 12pm PST.

Limited Edition Haste Jersey

The first collection is 50 Limited Edition Haste Jerseys. These are the same jerseys you may have seen Haste team members wearing at various conferences over the last year. The jerseys are being released as a Take It style drop, on the Take It NFT auction platform.

The Tank — Custom sneakers by Haste Arcade via Nike by You

The second collection is 10 customized shoes created by Haste Arcade via Nike by You, known as “The Tank”. These shoes were designed by the Haste team and are being released as a Take It style drop, on the Take It NFT auction platform.

Haste Hat

The third collection is 500 Haste Hats. These are high-quality active hats being released as a Mint It style drop, on the Take It NFT auction platform. There are six different versions of the hat that can be minted — Space, Asteroid, Earth, Turf, Lava, and Avachrome — ranging from common, to exotic in uniqueness.

Why We Built Monster Bombs

We believe that Monster Bombs will demonstrate multiple ways professional sports franchises, content creators, and brands can utilize blockchain technology to further drive fan/follower engagement. The game brings together everything we have been working on for the last few months:

  • A 3D game
  • Physical to digital NFTs
  • 3rd party collectibles (be on the lookout for a Built By Gamers collection of hats, jerseys, and shoes in the Haste Marketplace)
  • An integration between Take It and Haste Arcade

Opening Week Tournament

To kick things off, we are hosting an Opening Week Tournament. The top score from any level (free included) will earn the player one of the Limited Edition Haste Arcade jerseys and digital copy NFTs. Scores submitted any time between September 20th — September 27th at 12pm EST will count towards the tournament leaderboard.

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