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How It Works

Artists can list NFT collections for whatever price they want. The process for listing is currently a curated process where artists need to contact, but if the concept has legs, we plan to automate it. Purchasers can then view the listed NFT collections and “take” NFTs that they like. The value of the NFT increases by 30% each time it is taken. Whoever holds the NFT for 72 hours without any new takers becomes the owner. If someone takes it, the previous “last taker” gets their money back (plus a 6.6% profit).

Bob, the artist, lists his NFT on the marketplace for 100 Duros. Mary takes the NFT from Bob and pays 100 Duros. Bob earns 95 Duros as the seller AND the artist. Mary is now the “Last Taker” and the new price of the NFT immediately becomes 130 Duros. Jerry takes the NFT from Mary for 130 Duros. Mary earns 106.6 Duros (a profit of 6.6 Duros or 6.6%) and Bob takes a 13 Duros artist royalty. After 72 hours, there have been no more takers and the NFT is sent to Jerry’s wallet.

Win-Win Auction Strategy

Instead of the traditional NFT marketplace, where the only fun is buying the item, this new auction strategy gives a financial reward as an incentive to bid on, or “take”, items. A potential purchaser knows that they will either end up with more Duros than before they bid on the NFT, or they will end up with the NFT. We believe this will increase the number of bids per item, and generate more revenue for the item’s artist, than other NFT marketplaces.

You can also refer friends and earn 3% on all their takes!

Future Experiments

There isn’t a set schedule on when new experiments will start or be released, but there are a few additional experiments we’re already discussing internally. Depending on how well any experiments do, some may go on to become their own products, while others may be ended prematurely. We’re also open to hearing from the community, so if you’ve got an interesting idea that you’d like to see come to life.



Haste Arcade, the world’s first ILP™ gaming platform, and SDK. Play games. Earn Bitcoin.

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Haste Arcade

Haste Arcade, the world’s first ILP™ gaming platform, and SDK. Play games. Earn Bitcoin.