HST — the Key to the Haste Ecosystem

Players will now earn HST for leaderboard positions, giving the Haste Token more utility

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3 min readApr 14, 2023

More Ways to Earn HST

Starting on April 17, the Haste Token will be what gamers earn for making a leaderboard. We have decided to make this change to further simplify the arcade and to give HST more utility. This means that players will now earn HST from:

  1. Playing at any paid level regardless of whether or not they make a leaderboard (the current daily distributions of HST will remain the same). **As a hint for the future, we are planning to change how the distribution works to focus on game play more than spend. Stay tuned…
  2. Making a leaderboard

As a reminder, HST is the loyalty token that can be redeemed within Haste Arcade for prizes, gift cards, and game collectibles. We believe this change will allow us to add additional utility to HST in future releases.

Keeping It Simple

Earning in HST is the last major component of what we have been referring to as our Phase 1 releases, which are focused on making the arcade more accessible and easier to understand for the non-crypto “mainstream” gaming community. While we believe in the capabilities of BSV, we have enough data to suggest that it is simply too difficult for a “normie” to understand let alone acquire at this point in time.

The original plan was to change the leaderboard payouts from BSV to USDC so that gamers would be earning in a stablecoin, but due to unforeseen events, we had to adjust and pivot away from USDC. We believe that this may have been a blessing in disguise as it forced us to go back to the drawing board and look at all possible options, with HST coming out as a clear winner. We put ourselves in the shoes of a new user that doesn’t know anything about crypto, but likes the idea of playing fun casual games and potentially earning money from them. What would their ideal experience be? This is what we came up with:

  1. Spend dollars to buy Haste Credits (just like a normal arcade or Dave and Busters)
  2. Earn Haste Tokens (just like a normal arcade or traditional loyalty program)
  3. Redeem those tokens for prizes (just like a normal arcade or traditional loyalty program)

Notice how understanding anything about “crypto” is not necessary to participate in any of these steps. We think that this simplicity will make it easy for new gamers to join the ecosystem and start playing and having fun.

Why This Change Matters

Our vision is to expand the arcade outside of the “crypto” world, and appeal to the three billion gamers worldwide. While the Haste Token is now the centerpiece of earning in the arcade, new users won’t need to know or care that it is running on BSV. Earning a token without needing crypto greatly simplifies how players are rewarded in the arcade and should increase adoption from our non-crypto marketing campaigns.

The benefits to the current community are that a significant amount of new users should generate new money flowing through the arcade and onto leaderboards. With the arcade reaching a wider audience, leaderboard positions should be changing more frequently, which should make the games and the arcade in general more exciting on a daily basis. We also believe that giving HST more utility will make it more valuable for speculators wanting to trade the token against other cryptocurrencies, and create additional exposure to the Haste ecosystem in the greater crypto community.

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