Haste Launches Inaugural Developer Competition

  1. Introduce independent game developers to Haste’s Instant Leaderboard Payouts (ILPs)
  2. Add games to the Haste Arcade
  3. Test the Haste SDK before targeting mainstream gamers and AAA game studios

What are Instant Leaderboard Payouts?

You put a quarter in a Pac-Man machine and get the high score. For having the high score, you get a percentage of every subsequent quarter spent on that Pac-Man machine until your score is no longer on the leaderboard.

This means that Haste never actually touches the gamer’s money

The Prize Pool

Game Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must utilize the Haste Developer SDK
  • Submissions must be skilled based, no games of chance
  • Submissions must be compatible for mobile and/or desktop gaming
  • Submissions cannot be derogatory, offensive, or inappropriate in any way

Submission Process

Judging and Scoring Information

Judging Panel

Scoring Information

  1. Total Games Played
  2. Total Duro Spent
  3. Total Unique Gamers

Example: Kate submits a game that has the most “Total Unique Gamers” at the end of the developer competition, putting her in the number 1 position of the Total Unique Gamer leaderboard. Her position earns her 100 points.

Important Dates

Other Information

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