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Interoperability on the blockchain is a beautiful thing

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3 min readApr 18, 2023


Haste Arcade was one of the first products to integrate with NFTYJigs, a SaaS service that supports the management of Run-based digital assets. Currently, NFTYJigs backs all Haste Game Collectibles and Player Cards. In late 2022, the NFTYJigs team introduced a more sophisticated and comprehensive platform for digital assets–aptly called Asset Layer. The Haste team has been in conversations with Asset Layer leadership over the last few months and is delighted to announce that we have upgraded our platforms–Haste Arcade and Take It, to leverage the new Asset Layer platform.

Arcade and Take It Updates

Asset Layer is built to deliver interoperability across games and apps. This new implementation has us extremely excited, as it will allow our team to develop more comprehensive and integrated features between the Arcade and Take It. Going forward, Haste can leverage the innovative Take It auction format to sell Arcade game collectibles directly or build new features like enabling any Take It NFT as your Haste Arcade PFP. Asset Layer will back these innovations, and the two products will share NFTs.

We will upgrade our platforms to utilize Asser Layer on May 4th, 2023. Please note these updates will require downtime for both the Haste Arcade Marketplace and Take It. To ensure no NFT transfers occur during this time, we will put the Haste Arcade Marketplace and Take It into maintenance mode for 24 hours starting on May 4th, 12:00 UTC, and lasting until May 5th, 12:00 UTC. The rest of the Arcade will still be functional, so please continue playing!

Player Cards

As announced earlier this year, we will also re-envision our Player Card experience. We made this decision after lots of great feedback from our community regarding the Player Card incentive model. In preparation for this new experience, the Haste team will be decommissioning the ability to buy and sell Player Cards on the Arcade Marketplace during this blackout period. As a result, we will work to implement a new and improved Player Card experience whose incentive model aligns with our users’ desires. Haste will announce a date for the new Player Card experience when we have more details.

For existing Player Card holders or players who minted their player card for $99, you will still have access to all your VIP benefits, including:

  • 10% rebate on gameplays
  • access to the private Discord channel
  • early access to new features and games

New players will still be able to mint a Player Card for VIP benefits. We will temporarily disable the ability to sell your Player Card and purchase others on the marketplace in favor of a new Player Card experience rolling out later this year.

Finally, all Player Card statistics will still be kept and used for the new Player Card experience as well as other new Arcade enhancements in the future. For players who purchased another player’s Player Card, you will maintain ownership of that Player Card. We understand that you made an investment in those cards and we will be accounting for that in the new Player Card experience.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to reach out via Discord or support@hastearcade.com.


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