Flash Flags is your Game On developer competition winner

The Game On developer competition hosted by Haste Arcade has come to a close and Flash Flags is the winner! The game, built by Three Monks, narrowly beat out MateStorm for the overall top spot, which was decided by a combination of gameplays, Duros spent per game, unique gamers, and votes from a panel of judges (Haste Player Card holders). Here’s a breakdown of the winners from each category:

While MateStorm took the top spot on both gameplays and total unique gamers, Flash Flags dominated the total Duros spent, and received more bonus points from the judge voting than any other game, pushing it just past MateStorm for 1st place and winning the $5,000 grand prize plus 50,000 HST. Participants were competing for a total of $10,000 in prize money, as well as a Haste token bonus. The combination of points each game acquired through the different judging categories gave the participants a final score. Rounding out the top 3 were Flash Flags, MateStorm, and Quack and Field. Here’s the final breakdown of the points and prizes for each game:

Competition Statistics

In total, seven games qualified for the developer competition. The competition itself generated over 4,500 gameplays and 1.4 million Duros spent. Here’s a detailed look at the statistics from each game:

What’s Next

The purpose of the Game On developer competition was to get new games in Haste Arcade from 3rd party developers, while also testing the ease of use and capabilities of the Haste SDK. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the competition and feedback that was received from the independent game developers. We viewed this competition as a mini/practice competition for a much larger developer competition coming this summer. Stay tuned for details!

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