Dungeon Quest is the newest game in Haste Arcade

A medieval take on Pac-Man with a few twists

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3 min readMar 13, 2023

The most common example we use to describe how the arcade works starts off with something like:

“you put a quarter in a Pac-Man machine…”

Problem is that up until now, we haven’t had Pac-Man in the arcade. Having said that, we’re excited to announce the release of the newest game in Haste Arcade, Dungeon Quest on March 13, 2023, at 10am EST! Given our common example, we felt like it was only appropriate to add a Pac-Man-themed game to the arcade, with a few extra twists to revamp this classic that you’re really going to enjoy!


If you’ve ever played PacMan, this game should feel very familiar aside from the medieval graphics.

Make your way through the dungeon and collect the coins

Guide your character around the map collecting the coins, avoiding or killing the slimes, and capturing the treasure chest. The scoring has several bonuses built-in:

  • Collect a coin = 1 point
  • Collect a sword = 5 points
  • Kill a slime with the same sword = 10 points per kill, increasing by 10 points
  • Capture the treasure chest = 50 points per capture (chest keys spawn after you collect 30 coins, and 70 coins per level)
The treasure chest only appears after you pick up a secret key

Once you collect all the coins on the map, you beat the level and advance. The speed of the slimes increases on each level making it more difficult the more levels you beat. But don’t worry, we’ve given you a secret weapon for when you’re in a really tight spot…

Fireball to the rescue

When you find yourself trapped, you can summon fireballs to kill any slimes in your vicinity (press the “V” key on desktop, or tap the fireball emblem on mobile). You only get two of these boosts per game so use them wisely!

Game Collectibles

We’re also excited to announce a collaboration with @mageta_art to create the arcade’s first third-party game collectible. The collectible is a pack that changes the background, power up, key + chest, and slimes into a psych ward, pill bottle, laptop, and an inmate.

@mageta_art has created Haste Arcade’s first game collectible from a third-party artist

The game collectibles won’t be immediately available upon launch, but we anticipate adding them to the Haste Marketplace in the very near future.

Opening Week Tournaments

To kick things off, there will be two Dungeon Quest Tournaments!

Competitive Tournament

  • any paid level gameplay
  • $250 in haste credit distributed among the top 10

Raffle Tournament

  • any tier including practice will enter you in the tournament as long as you score a minimum score of 50
  • top 3 win the surprise Mageta collectible

The tournaments will start on March 13 at 19:00 UTC and end on March 20 at 17:00 UTC. Good luck!

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