Haste Arcade

(and by Bitcoin, we mean BSV)

  1. You’re looking for a way to buy digital gold, and you’ve come to the wrong blog (but stick around you might learn something!)
  2. You’re looking for a way to buy Bitcoin as defined by the Bitcoin…

Blockchain-related proofs-of-concept

Haste Labs Logo

The first developer competition will attract independent game developers to submit games to the Haste Arcade

  1. Introduce independent game developers to Haste’s Instant Leaderboard Payouts (ILPs)
  2. Add games to the Haste Arcade
  3. Test the Haste SDK before targeting mainstream gamers and AAA game studios

What are Instant Leaderboard Payouts?

To get an idea…

To commemorate the launch of the Haste Arcade, we are awarding NFTs to launch week gamers

Introducing the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout™ arcade

And then the questions that gave birth to a new type of gaming…

You don’t have to be the best gamer to earn Bitcoin in the Haste Arcade

Its not exactly rocket science…

Practice Can Make You Better

One of the key…

Players can mint their own cards which will serve as the world’s first Bitcoin Output NFTs; 10% of all card mints and trades go to the HLW

Haste Player Card

What is the Haste Player Card?

Similar to loyalty cards and player cards offered by traditional arcades and athletes, Haste has launched the Haste Player Card (HPC), enabling players to further monetize their gameplays by selling a percentage of their outputs in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). …

HST Token

After reviewing the utility of the HST token, we have decided to modify the white paper to better reflect our company beliefs.

Original Token Structure

The first version of the Haste white paper explained the distribution and utility of 200,000,000 HST tokens. The distribution schedule was set to last for 5 years, with tokens being issued to gamers, developers, the Haste founding team, and investors. …

Haste Arcade

Haste Arcade, the world’s first ILP™ gaming platform, and SDK. Play games. Earn Bitcoin. hastearcade.com

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